Ausstellung „100“ AIUD


International Mail Art Exhibition „100“ / Inter-Art Aiud 2018

2018 represents an anniversary year for our country, celebrating 100 years from the union of the three Romanian provinces and setting up the modern Romania. With this occasion we propose this suggestive theme which can be approached by each artists in its on style. The „Inter-Art” Foundation pay special attention to everything that meant the formation of the multicultural segment during this century and the promotion of the ethnic values which means the cultural heritage with which we can promote a modern Romania, built on durable interethnic relations. We launched the invitation to artists from all over the world to send works on the proposed theme. 162 artists from 100 countries, 5 continents participated. details:

Organizata de / Organized by Fundatia “Inter-Art” Aiud / “Inter-Art” Foundation Aiud Centrul Cultural “Liviu Rebreanu” Aiud / “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud Primaria – Consiliul Local Aiud / City Hall – Local Council Aiud Parteneri / Partners Departamentul pentru Rela?ii Interetnice – Guvernul României / Department for Interethnic Relations – Government of Romania Institutul Cultural Român / Romanian Cultural Institute Expozitia Internationala de Mail Art „100” International Mail Art Exhibition editia a XXV-a, Aiud, the XXVth edition 100 de tari – 5 continente – 162 de artisti / 100 countries – 5 continents – 162 artists


Locul/Place: Galeria de Arta Contemporana “Inter-Art” / “Inter-Art” Contemporary Art Gallery Data/Date: 11 Aug. 2018, 19:00 Prezinta / Presented by: Ioan Hadarig, director artistic Fundatia “Inter-Art” art director Curator: Stefan Balog, presedinte Fundatia “Inter-Art” president